Future plans for Creatio OmniChat channels & documentation?


I am in the process of digging into the OmniChat implementations of Telegram, Facebook, and WhatsApp in order to understand how to create a new chat channel. Are there any future plans to document creating a new chat channel providers for OmniChat?

Second, since the WhatsApp integration uses Twilio, is it possible to use it for SMS sending/receiving via Twilio instead of WhatsApp?

Lastly, if the current WhatsApp integration can't be used for SMS via Twilio, are there plans on creating an Twilio SMS channel? (I'm currently looking at creating an SMS channel via Twilio so I'd love to know if this is on the radar so I can avoid the development time if it's going to be coming at some point)



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Hello Ryan,

There are no plans to document creating new chat channel providers for OmniChat at the moment. 

I have discussed your question with our R&D team. Unfortunately, it is impossible to use it for SMS sending/receiving via Twilio instead of WhatsApp.

There are no plans on creating a Twilio SMS channel at the moment. 

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Thanks for the response Bogdan. 



That is true, but it is only Twilio for the WhatsApp integration, not using Twilio for SMS, which is more what I am after.


Ryan Farley,

Did you try Twilio SMS Connector for Creatio?


Hello Julio. That didn't exist at the time, so we ended up creating our own custom solution to send requests to Twilio. However, I have tried it since and had some issues. We made the configuration service endpoint anonymous as the instructions stated, however it threw an "Object not set to an instance of an object" error every time the endpoint was called by Twilio for the SMS replies webhook - so we could send SMS messages, but never got any replies back due to this issue. We've not dug deeper into the cause of that since we initially tried. 


Ryan Farley,

I'm using it, at this time I'm just having "details/small problems", like didn't receive the delivery status of sent SMS and so on, but the connector works, can send SMS.


Your own custom solution, are you thinking to publish it on the MarketPlace?


Thanks and best regards


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