Freedom UI: Open Form Page after Mini Page save event

Hi Community,

The normal behaviour of a MiniPage in Freedom UI, is that after filling the data and saving, the Section List Page is opened.

We want that after the Clicking Save on the Mini Page, the created record (Form Page) opens.

How can this be acheived ?


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To accomplish this you’ll need to add a handler for the save event, see…

Then in that handler you can open the edit page. See…


Thank you very much for the very useful information Ryan.

You have provided the same link both times.

Did you intend to insert a separate link for the handler that opens the Edit Page ?


Sasori Oshigaki,


It will either be this link if you want to open the standard edit page form for the entity, taking into account any rules you have in place for which form gets opened:


Or this link if you want to be able to specify a particular edit page for the entity (i.e. if there are multiple edit pages and you want to open a specific one different from what would be opened based on the rules you set up for some reason):


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