Freedom UI form page - asyncValidate and EntitySchemaQuery

Hi Community,


Do you have any example how to use asyncValidate during save and EntitySchemaQuery in freedom UI form page. I couldn't find more topics when it comes to client side coding in freedom UI.



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Hello Fulgen,


For creating the field validator - you need to use validators as described in the Academy article here. As for the ESQ in the Freedom UI page - unfrotunately we currently don't have any documentation on it, but we've created a task for our core R&D team to write the specification for ESQ usage in the Freedom UI page.

Hello Oleg,

Whether the document for the specification for ESQ usage in the Freedom UI page is prepared or when we can expect the documentation on the same.



After verifying all the necessary information regarding specification for ESQ usage, I want to inform you that this task has been created and accepted. The process of writing such documentation may take some time, so for the moment you need to wait a while.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.


Sorry to jump in. Any update on the documentation?


Unfortunately the documentation is not ready yet. However, I have added your inquiry to the registered idea as to increase its priority and speed up the process.

Mira Dmitruk,


Any update on doing async validation in Freedom UI using validators? We need to use them, but don't have any examples in the academy as far as I can tell.

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