Format numbers as currency $X,XXX.XX

Hello, how would I go about formatting a custom macro field in a email template to show as currency as stated in the title ($X,XXX.XX)? Thanks in advance

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Hello Tyler,


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As for now, there is no such functionality to modify how numbers are looking in templates with macro. I have informed our R&D department about this case so they could consider enhancing the following functionality in the upcoming releases. 


Also, please notice that the displaying format of number/date/time format depends on the user settings (such as 'Culture' and 'Date and time format'). Additionally, there is enabled by default the next system setting — 'Use timezone conversion in date/time macros' (code UseMacrosTimeZoneConversion) which converts the date/time macros according to the user's time zone.


The next articles can be useful for creating custom macros and working with them as well:

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