field sales trial exprired

hi all,


i have installed the field sales from marketplace the trial installation and after some days i have recieved a feedback mail from marketplace is that mean that the field sales add on expired from my byndle and it doesn't work with any changes ? if yes can i extend the trial for another some days ?



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Hello Ibrahim, 


If there is a need to extend the trial instance, please contact our support team via and provide us with additional details as the name of the instance, so we will be able to assist you with your request!


Should you have any additional questions, please let us know!


Best regards, 


Anastasiia Zhuravel,


thanks for you reply 


i need to know if the field sales expired or not ? and how ? 

if expired, the field sales will be working correctly with me or not untill i extend it ?




Ibrahim Nour El-Din,


Could you please clarify whether you have received an email regarding your trial instance or marketplace add-on?
If we are talking about the trial instance, which you can order directly from our website ( - it's available for 2 weeks trial period, as I mentioned in my previous message, you can contact us by email if you need to prolong the trial period, so we will be able to assist you and check whether it's possible. 

If we are talking about the marketplace add-on -, it's not free of charge, you can find more detailed information in "Price and support" tab. 

Looking forward to clarification from your side. 

Thank you!

Best regards, 


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