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Greetings Creatio Community,

Quick question regarding the exit from campaign element in Creatio. As diagramed in the academy example below:

Two questions here:

1) For the "Reached the goal" element. Does a specific folder have to be selected even if the "Is this step campaign goal" checkbox is checked?

2) For the Unsubscribed Exit Campaign element: Should there be a conditional flow  with setup responses from transferring participants connecting to the emails in case they unsubscribe from the either of the email messages? 

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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The exit elements can be a little confusing. A participant doesn't have to necessary arrive at that element for it to apply to them.

Question 1: No folder needs to be selected. The purpose for that element in the context of the image is to indicate that the participant met the goal, or arrived at that element. More on this below.

Question 2: For the unsubscribed, it does not need to be connected. It can be free-standing as shown. At anytime, if any participant meets the conditions of that element (meaning they've unsubscribed and their "do not use email" is now set to true), they will exit out, regardless of where they are in the campaign. This ties back to question #1. That folder that can be selected is a way to define conditions that, when met, will immediately exit the campaign as though they arrived there (and met the goal). An example of this is that maybe the participant now has an order in the system, so regardless of where they are in the campaign, you want to stop marketing to them for this campaign since they've already bought something. 

Hopefully that helps make some sense.


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