ES Version Warnings in Freedom UI Page Code

For Freedom UI pages there is typically syntax that shows as warnings in the code editor for things such as async, await, const/let, arrow functions, conditional chaining, etc. See image here for an example.

I add the following to the top of the code to turn these off these warnings: 

/* jshint esversion: 11 */

However, Creatio removes this comment anytime the page is saved in the editor and I have to re-add it constantly to the client schema. 

  1. Is there anyway to preserve comments such as this when saving the page in the editor?
  2. It would be fantastic for Creatio to automatically add this to Freedom UI Pages by default


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Hello Ryan,


This is OOTB logic and for now, can not be changed, but I have created a functional request for our developers on this topic.

Also some comments one introduce in other areas like modelConfigDiff or viewConfigDiff are also deleted, so if I add something there and comment it, the comments are deleted :-(

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