Error On Save Record

Hi , 


I have created a new detail linked with Account Section. On saving the record I am geeting below error 

'Item with name "UsrFleetInfoCommunication" not found'


When I checked the Object that is created , I cant find any column with this name in Advanced setting. Unable to find from where this error is getting triggered, 




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Dear Shailey,

Unfortunately, this is not possible to tell what exactly is causing the issue without debugging the system.

The most common issues are:

1. Incorrect binding of detail and section it is inserted to. The correct binding in most cases would look like: section object column: Id, detail column: [lookup to the section object];

2. The wrong object is indicated on the detail. Please make sure, that all lookup columns in detail object are referring to the existing objects in configuration.

3. Please brush through detail schema and detail page in the configuration. They might be referring the object in the error message.

The steps you can take:

- Compile all items using configuration actions menu. In case there would be an error, you will be informed.

- Check the browser developers console tab (press F12) for errors.

- In none of the above help, you can contact your support team via email (




I got the same error, how did you solve it?


Francisco Calderón Navas,


Thank you for your question!


You may feel free to refer to the answer above.


If you still would have questions, you may contact Creatio support by this email:


Thank you!





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