Ending a Business Process if Pre-config Page not Completed


We have a business process with a step that includes a pre-configured page. Often the users are not completing this step (the go to a different section or close browser) and the process is left running. Is there a way to set a timer to say if a value is not selected within a day from the pre-configured page that the process should terminate?


I have tested this in some ways but cannot get anything to work. I have included a screenshot of the steps leading to the pre-config page to help demonstrate.

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You can use the "Wait for timer" process element to terminate the process after some time.


More details:…

Cherednichenko Nikita,

Hello, yes I did try this and tested it, but it did not close out the process. I think it's because the other paths are conditional. The system won't allow me to create an additional conditional path without condition (obviously). So I tested it as a sequence flow and a default flow, both to no avail. 

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