Is it possible to display the product catalog list for opportunity products ?

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Hello Sasori,

Please find the solution here.




The solution stated to Create a new object and set the product catalogue.

In this case, how to enable the product catalogue for OOTB product object detail in the Opportunity section (OpportunityProductInterest) ?


Bhoobalan Palanivelu.


Bhoobalan Palanivelu,


The detail "Product in order" is not the standard details (details with the editable list). For this kind of detail, there is a special logic implemented in the code, which is necessary for its correct work. As for now, there is no possibility to add it to the page using the Wizard.

While adding the detail "Product in order" by Wizard, some particular part of the code logic is not being transferred. In order to have this detail working as expected, it only can be added via the changing of the basic logic (development skills are needed).


However, there is a different solution - to create the detail using the editable list, but without using the product catalog.


You can find the user guide on how to add the editable list details here:



You are free to use the mentioned guide as an example.


Also, in order to view the products in connection, used in Wizard, it is needed to create a separate detail in Wizard (as an object you can use the same - "Product in order").


Thanks for the response!

With customer development, we were able to make a custom object work like a product catalogue. But how to handle it for the existing object?

All the functionalities of  "Product In Order" were able to achieve in custom detail objects through a development mechanism. But how to make the existing "OpportunityProductInterest" which is a detail in the opportunity section to act like a product catalogue?

OOTB "Order in Product" detail object: As Product Catalogue


OOTB Order in "Opportunity product" detail object: Normal detail




The functionality of the product catalogue is achieved through development skills for a new object created from scratch by setting the Parent object as 'BaseProductEntry' and with other schema changes, it works.

Required scenario:

How to make OOTB Opportunity Product (OpportunityProductInterest) work like a product catalogue?

  • Is it possible to change the parent object of this OpportunityProductInterest?
  • Won't it affect the other system-related (related tables, schemas as may be used in other places)?
  • Also, this is available in the opportunity package of the Creatio package?



Is it possible to make the (OpportunityProductInterest) work like a product catalogue with custom development? If yes, what are the steps and how?


Bhoobalan Palanivelu.

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