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A bit of background: I need to make a business rule to filter the postcodes based on the city that is selected. The City lookup in the base package does not have postcode in the schema and therefore I can not get this done.

This lookup is in an instance which is live. I do not want to create a new City lookup and put it everywhere across the instance.

Can someone please guide me on how to edit the City Lookup that is present in the base package in a way that I can package it and install it on the live instance without affecting the values that are already in that field?

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You can replace this lookup (http://prntscr.com/np7od8) and add new column to the object. Thus all functionality and data of the lookup is saved and you can add a column needed. 

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Angela Reyes,

I created the object using "Replacing objects" and published the object. I also did the database update. I can see the lookup in the lookup section. I tried to create a new lookup, and I still only see the City lookup in the Base package. I also checked the original lookup and it still does not show the Postcode.

I am attaching the image of the object I created. Please let me know if I am making a mistake somewhere.



There is no need to create new lookup, this column will be added to existing lookup. I just tried to do the same on my instance and column was added: http://prntscr.com/np9bp3

Ah alright! Gotcha wink

Have it now.

Many Thanks. :)

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