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Dear community,

I’m looking about the question of the duplication of a contact, I want to export it to CSV by a SQL request (it’s done)

But I don’t understand how the excel report is done, what is each column for?

In my excel report I’ve :

  • ContactId : so I think that is the column which is linked to the id of the contact
  • GroupId : I do not know what that means
  • RuleID : this is maybe the id of the duplicate rule ?
  • GroupHash : I do not know what that means
  • SysAdminUnitId : I do not know what that means

Linked a picture 

I want to know what each column means? 


Can anyone help me ? 

Thanks in advances

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Dear Rocher,

Here is the description:

ContactId - this is just ID of the contact 
RuleID - this is duplicate search rule ID
SysAdminUnitId - this is the ID of the record in system administration object. Basically it is ID of the system user. 
GroupId - once the search is performed, the records are grouped Each group of contact records has its id
GroupHash - when you set the records as 'not duplicates' the value from the GroupHash column goes to the ContactDuplicateSearchGroupExclusions table. It is made to exclude the group of records from the duplicate search results as you do not consider them as duplicates. 

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Dean Parrett,

Thanks a lot for these information ! 

Best regards 

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