Does Creatio purge records from SysImage?

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We have a case where images that we inserted via the Database into SysImage went missing. The steps we followed was to insert records into SysImage directly and later map that image Id to the relevant section. 

Does Creatio automatically purge specific records in the SysImage table under ANY condition? If Yes, what are those conditions? Besides purging, does Creatio also go and update the reference Image Id column in the section?


I vaguely remember from a previous experience that Creatio did purge records based on some condition. Request your assistance.

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For those searching for an answer - 

Yes, Creatio does purge the record from SysImage if the referenced image column in the section is marked as NULL. 

M Shrikanth,

That is good to know. Thanks for posting this follow up!


M Shrikanth,

Yes, that is correct. This is done by means of a stored procedure called tsp_CleanUpSysImageMSSql.


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