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hi all ,

 i have a system admin with name john

i need to distribute access rights for accounts, based on account owner, so john should see only the accounts where he is the owner 


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Hi Ibrahim,


just enable the record permissions in the object permissions part of the system designer.

That's exactly what you need. Only the users which are saved in the creator and owner fields will have access by default.




Robert Pordes,


Thanks Robert 

Robert Pordes,


Hello Robert, 

Many thanks for your reply!


Ibrahim Nour El-Din,




Let me add a bit more details to Robert's answer. 


The permission mechanism (“Use record permissions” in the [ Object permissions ] section of the System Designer) is based on the record authorship. If the record author is a member of the role specified in the “Record author” column, Creatio will grant permissions to the receiving role specified in the “User or role who obtains permissions” column. If the receiving role is subordinate, its management role will inherit the granted permissions.


However, by default, Creatio grants maximum access permissions to the following users:

- The system administrators with permissions to the “Add any data,” “View any data,” “Edit any data,” and “Delete any data” system operations. These settings have a higher priority than the settings specified in the [ Object permissions ] section.

- The record author and the management role of the author, including the ability to delegate permissions to other users.

- The record owner and the management role of the owner, including the ability to delegate permissions to other users.


Please refer to the below article for more detailed information:…


In case you have any additional question, please let us know!


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