disable multiselect on Product in Lead

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How can I disable the multi-select and enable the default add function on the Product in Lead detail on the Lead page?

The goal is to be able to add the same product twice.



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Hi Yosef,
One of option is to create new detail based on the same object (Product in Lead). And use this detail in Section wizard.

Hello Vladimir,


This is an option but many processes are already connected to the original detail.

I also don't know if any OOTB functionalities are linked to this detail.


Shouldn't there be an option just to disable the multi-select? Maybe going back from this article?



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Processes are connected to the Object, but Object remains the same. So, you just create new representation of data. 
We use this option if the detail somewhere should be editable, but somewhere read-only. So, we just create 2 details based on one object and use them how we want.

But you can also replace detail schema and override getProductLookupConfig. Probably multiSelect in defined in original one:

Vladimir Sokolov,


I made the change as you can see here:

but the lookup is still giving me the popup to select multiple products.


I will try to replace the detail but it would be nice if we could just disable the lookup on the original one.


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