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Say I am creating a business process and I need to read a specific user that is a manager in a role. See screenshot

I want to read the data that would be in the managers detail. It is the "users/roles (view)", but I can not find the filters this page is using to show records in the view. 

To clarify further, I want to read data from "sales department" although that is arbitrary, and then I want the managers of the sales department. I can not find where this is getting filtered, so any help is appreciated!


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In this case you would need to read the information from the "User in role" object. If you want to read only one, you can select the "Read the first record in the selection", although if you have several managers then you would need to add another filter to clarify which user you want to read specifically. Also you can go with the "Read collection of records" if you want to read all of them.


Then in the filters, you need to select the "Role" column, and there you will be able to select any role, for example "Sales department" if you want to see al users that are in the "Users" tab. Or you can select "Sales department.Managers group" if you want to pick only the managers.


In the business process library, if you open the properties of this business process, you will see the "Trace enabled" box. If you activate it, you will be able to read the information used in the business process after you run it. After you run the process you just need to open the process log, find the log record, open it, click on a specific process element, then click on show trace data. That will show you which information was read in the business process, and you will be able to see what records/users have been found/used by the elemtn. This is very useful while testing business processes, I've did it this way and was able to see the users and the managers for this role.

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