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Hi all,

I am currently in the process of setting up dashboards for a client, but wondering if some functionality that I can't see is possible.


1. Line Graph 

On the attached graph I have set 4 series all by their fiscal year (June-May). I have done this via custom start and end date, because I understand the fiscal year can't be done. However, this is still showing on the line graph grouped by calendar year. I.e it starts with January and not June - therefore, the first 5 months are actually of year 2024 and then follows on to 2023. 


Is there anyway round this so that it actually shows sequentially by date I have selected? 



2. Metric

Is it possible via custom function (or marketplace app) to add a "Same Period Last Year" to show against the metric number? So for example, if i choose total Revenue this month, it can show the same period last year? Example below.


Thanks everyone!






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