Customer Validation using security questions

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For an on going project, in the contact centre, when a customer calls and asks for certain specific service requests, few (3 to 5) security questions need to be asked (based on the category and service selected for the case) to validate that the customer himself is calling.

For this, we are having a lookup to keep the pool of questions. Can we have the answers (object and it's columns where the answers are populated) also captured in this lookup? 

For e.g. for question "What is the birth date?", can we record the answer to be checked against Contact (object) > birth date (column) ? 

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Dear Krishna, 

It would be much more convenient to create a separate detail which would contain all questions along with an answers and all needed information. 

By the way, can you please specify for which section you would like to add the described functionality? Cases or any other? 

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Roman Brown,

Thanks Roman for the inputs.

Yes I would like to add the questions connected with cases section.


I had created a detail for the same in cases (given below).

Also creating activity connected to cases to prompt agent to ask questions and capture the responses for these questions.


Is there anyway these questions can be asked one by one in a UI ?


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