Custom Case Edit page calling a older business process

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I have the below function code to call a Business Process BP1 from a Case section edit page.


var args = {
                    // The name of the process that needs to be launched. 
                    sysProcessName: "BP2", 
                    parameters: {
                        CaseId: CaseId
                // Launch of the custom business process.



The code executes successfully but the issue is instead of BP2 , BP1(a different BP which was used earlier in BP2 place and they are not different versions of same BP) is being executed.


I have tried Generating the source code schema and compiling.


Any suggestions will be of much help.



Anitha Premkumar

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If this is a process called when clicking a button and this button was added as a button in combined mode you need to check if you have modified the process call logic either in the CasePage and the CaseSection modules, because it can call the BP1 process in case the button is clicked when you open a record from the section.


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