Custom button functionality in Agent desktop section

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                   Here i was created a stop button inside a case edit page in agent desktop section.My requirement is Once user click on stop button and save the record  it will automatically redirect to agent desktop page there i don't want to show cases i need to hide all cases once user click stop and save the record in case edit page.Can anyone please help me how to develop this Thanks in advance.



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Please feel free to override the save method on the Case edit page in order to redirect a user to the Agent desktop page after the "Save" button was clicked. There is an example below: 

 onSave : function(){
               this.sandbox.publish("PushHistoryState", {hash: "OperatorSingleWindowModule/"});               

The "hash" parameter is what appears after the ViewModule.aspx# in the url. 

The functionality related to the hiding cases can be implemented using messages, that helps to organize data exchange between modules. Please find more information about messages in the article by the link below:

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