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I have a customized section and when I save a record I would like to create x records of another customized section and setting values to the new records. The number of records (x) to create is variable.


How can I achieve this? I tried to create multiple records with a process but I have not managed to do so.


Thanks in advance.

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You can do this with the business process: 

1) You would need to create a parameter NumberOfRecordsToCreate where you would store your x (the amount of records that need to be created)

2) Create 2 elements: add data and formula, in add data create one record and populate needed fields, in formula set the parameter NumberOfRecordsToCreate to NumberOfRecordsToCreate - 1:

3) Create a conditional and default flows from the Function element, default leading to the further part of the process, condition should check if NumberOfRecordsToCreate > 0 and if it is - lead to the add data:

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