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Is there a way to search a contact from command line by any other attribute apart from Full Name (mobile number for example). bpm'online by default searches the search term entered into command line by comparing the search term against full name.

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By default if you enter the phone number the system will show you all records where this number is present. If you see that the global search returns you full name that means either that indexation for the section is disabled (please check it in the section wizard like on the screenshot or that global search is deactivated for your instance. If so you need to create a support request by writing an email to and you need to tell the name of the instance and also provide information on this problem in the email.

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Oscar Dylan,

Thank you Oscar for your response. 

Is it also available in v 7.11?

Hatim Hussain,

The functionality of Global Search became available earlier then 7.11 version and if you want to find out the version when it was added then you need to search in release notes here As for indexation in sections - then it became available in 7.12.3 version of the instance.

Please also note that you have on-site instance then you need to follow this article… to set it up.

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