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I want to change the text that appears in this pop-up, "Detail Product Terms is not filled". This pop-up appears when i click save and one of the product terms is not filled.

I have also seen in the SysTranslation table and i havent found it.

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Hello Petrika,


Unfortunately, It is not possible to change the text in the error message. The problem here is that the schema that defines it is very hardcoded in the application core. It is not possible to replace and modify it. 

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Thank you Bogdan ! Best regards



Assuming the field is a text field, you can try the following custom approach in client page schema.


1. Make the field not required in the section wizard.

2. In the client page schema, add the following code in the methods:

methods: {
	// Redefining the base method initiating custom validators.
	setValidationConfig: function() {
		this.addColumnValidator("UsrProductTerms", this.ProductTermsValidator);
	ProductTermsValidator: function(){
		var invalidMessage ="";
		var ProductTerms = this.get("UsrProductTerms");
		if(ProductTerms.length != 0){
			invalidMessage ="";
			invalidMessage = "Product Term is required in order to proceed"; //Put your custom message
		return {
			invalidMessage : invalidMessage

Now you can see your custom validation message. Similar approach can also be used for fields of type Lookup, Date, Integer etc.



Sourav Kumar Samal

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