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How can I change a button caption ? I created a new students section, and I would like the "NEW" button to show "New Student"



Dear Ricardo, 

You can change the caption on the button in the Translation section ( You can find the record with the needed Key and change the caption in the English (United States) - Default column. For example, here are such records for New Contact button caption ( 

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Thanks... It does work for existent sections, but it did not work for my new Students section. I changed the value of the new sections's "addNewRecordButtonCaption" from "New" to "New Student" in Translations, but button still shows "New"... 

Ricardo Bigio,

In this case you can do the following:
1) Open Section schema for your object (should be named like UsrTest1Section)
2) Find AddRecordButtonCaption and set Value to the needed caption, save the schema (
3) If you have only one edit page for the section, find the corresponding record in sysModuleEdit:
   3.1) select * from SysModule where Caption = '<Your section caption>'
   3.2) take SysModuleEntityId from there and paste into the query
          update sysModuleEdit set ActionKindCaption = 'Needed caption' where             SysModuleEntityId = 'SysModuleEntityId  you've found before'  
4) Clear cache and reenter the site. 

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Now it works... Thanks!

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