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I have created a "Requests" section and created a "Case" with New, In Progress, Pending Approval, two mutually exclusive Resolved or Cancelled.

I have used "change access rights" element to apply these access rights.

If the case advances to the "Resolved" or "Cancelled" stages no one other than members of the “Financial Officer” role have the rights to Edit or Delete the Request. All other employees retain the right to read the request.

I have given users for these functional roles contact administrator, Manager and Regular Employee. 

I have used change access rights element to the Resolved and Cancelled Stages. After testing all employees are able to edit or delete the requests records for which the status is resolved or cancelled.

I followed this [CHANGE ACCESS RIGHTS] CASE ELEMENT document in academy.

Please guide me on this issue.

Thank you.



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Firstly, I would suggest to remove access rights from All users and roles ( and not just pre-defined set of roles as after changing the role structure this element would need to be changed as well, which is rather inconvenient. 
Secondly, please note that it impossible to remove rights for users that are System administrators as well as the managers of Roles that contain System administrators as it's members. Also the rights can't be removed from the owner and creator of the record. The right panel would still show correct rights, however, for those specified users rights will not be applied. 

If neither of the points explained above work in your case please send email to as this issue would need to be investigated specifically for your site. 

Best regards,

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