Capturing unsaved data in a detail



I have a business case to capture unsaved data from a detail column.(PFA)

edit event gets triggered when the changed data is saved , but we are looking at detecting the change before save.


Please suggest.


Anitha Premkumar

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Dear Anitha,


Thank you for your question.


You can achieve your business task by developing tools.


You can try to override the saveAsyncValidate method on the page and read the value from the database via ESQ in the method. Then you need to send the validation result on callback of the ESQ.


Please let us know if additional questions arise. 


Best regards,


Hi Anastasiia Marushenko,


Thank you for the reply.


saveAsynchValidate method gets executed when save is triggered for the page.

But, am looking at capturing the unsaved modified data in the UI.


Business case is to auto save the changes when the user browses to different section in the application without saving the changes made in a detail.


Any suggestions will be helpful.





HI Anitha P,


You can try overriding the base method setNotBeDestroyedConfig of BasePage on your page by adding a business process call to the body of the method. 


Best regards,


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