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I have this showInformation dialog box and using the response, triggering another set of validation and the whole logic is written inside the addCallBack() method used in multipleselect lookup in a detail.


What is observed is the response of this is thrown out of scope and the page goes in a neverending loop. While inspecting, found that the return statement is undefined as everything has been tried to exit soon after the condition, setting some boolean value as well as given the whole entity reload but it doesn't fix the issue and with the time out error the window is freezed after some time. 


What could be the reason for the page to navigate to evtMgr.Idelevent.listener?

Appreciate your valuable suggestion.

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Hi Anupama,


Please share the code of your showInformation dialog box and the description of the logic you want to achieve.


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Oscar Dylan,


Here is the link to the code and the affected areas are at the line#171 -  the return statement for the if at line #51 - 


The else condition of this is not returning the expected outcome and it seems the scope is lost.


The functional expectation is to execute a set of sequential validations done on the selected accounts from a detail. The detail support multi-select lookup and the root entity schema is Account.


What is expected is: whenever any end user select multiple accounts - it has to go thru set of validations - once the first validation is complete - throw the validation message and continue with next validation and so on.


Say we select 10 accounts from the lookup config, 8 accounts satisfy the first validation and remainnning 2 is skipped from adding to detail object and the system should continue the same to remainning 8 validation. 


Issue is occurring when there are 0 accounts available for the another set of validation - it goes in a endless loop.


We recommend calling the reloadGridData () function after the modal box has finished, when all the logic of the modal box has already worked.

Block "else" in 160 line can be left uncommented.

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