Call Process Client Side

Hi Community,

I want to call a process on the 
client side and when it ends, for example, update certain values ​​of the page. 
Is it possible using the callback? 
The callback works but the page with the caption of loading remains. I Have this example:

var someFunction = function (a) { 


                                    this.loadSchemaCaptionByName("UsrApproveBSRankedCompare", function(caption) {

                                                this._showSuccessfullyRunProcessPopup("The process has been completed");

                                            }, this);



                                this.executeProcess(args , someFunction)


executeProcess: function(sysProcessName, callback) {

                ProcessModuleUtilities.responseCallback = callback;





Thank you!


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Dear Uriel,

In order to complete your task you need to split it into two parts:

1. Launch the business process call from client side. Please see the following article and link for more details:……

2. After the process executes, it needs to send the signal to the client side to proceed further with the logic. The example of such logic you can find in the following thread of our Community:…




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