Block the update of main phone/email

Hi, all!

Is there any known way how to block update of main phone/email fields while adding new phone/email in Contact's communication options? 


I mean these fields are updated when one adds new record to comm options with types "phone" or "email" for Contact records and I would like to prevent such behaviour.


Is it possible to do that without writing a code?

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We recommend you to try out this marketplace addon that allows you to manually mark any communication option as primary, which is not overridden by adding new options to the list:…

Mira Dmitruk,

Hello, could you please, clarify, if one installed that add-on, whether that option is available in import also? Or only for Contact form?

Artem Evdokimenko,


Yes, it is possible to mark the emails as primary with this addon when importing from excel, the column is "IsPrimary" and has values "yes" or "no". 

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