Binding the created Organizational Role into my application

Hey, everyone! 

I'm new to Creatio and still getting myself around, just got my Analyst certification too. 

Anyway, How am I to bind the SysAdminUnit to my Application? (trying to bind 4 Functional roles that I've created for my application)

I'm getting the prompt from the print below.

I know that the "sysCulture" is due to the language being "pt-br" (I've been using Creatio on English, and I don't have any clue as to why it created as "pt-br"... Also.. how to alter these specifics into en-US?). 

I've read a few posts here and there (all from 2022 and before... something must have changed) on the community and all of them tell me to build a SQL Querry. The problem is that I don't know how to acess my portal through SQL or any querry format. Downloading the SSMS (version 19) and inputting my login credentials and the link to my portal ( doesn't work..

Thanks for now!

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You can add a separate data binding for the SysCulture object to transfer the culture code, specifically the "pt-br" culture, during migration, and then attach the role record. But please note that it is important to deactivate the "pt-br" culture when binding it.

Hey, Alona! 

I'll try it. Many thanks! 

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