Aspose PDF connector stopped working


I've installed aspose pdf connector and it worked just fine :)

I managed to create pdf printables.

A few days ago it stopped working and the printables are not being created in pdf but only in docx.

The only thing that was changed is the the application was upgraded to 7.17.

I would love having some advice.



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Hi Raz,


Please specify your current Creatio version: is it 7.17.0 or 7.17.1?

It will enable us to identify the reason for your issue.


Thank you

Svetlana Kobizka,



Thank you

Hi Raz,


Could you please check the below points and let us know about the results:


1. Make sure the 'Convert to PDF' checkbox is not cleared for the selected printables in the 'Printables' lookup.

2. Open the Aspose personal page and make sure the corresponding conversion requests from Creatio for the relevant period are available.


Thank you for your feedback!



It's very strange I have an active user, but I can't find the link to the dashboard where I see the log requests.

Can you share it with me?


By the way, the last time I checked (When I opened this discussion) I didn't see the request from creatio where at the beginning, i.e. directly after the installation I did.



- I still have a free acount there.

- The only thing that have changed is the creatio release.

Hi Raz,

Here is the dashboard link: If you find no requests here, please double-check if the values in the corresponding system settings are correct and have a look if there are any errors in the console when generating PDF printables. If there are, please send us the error details.

What do you mean by "errors in the console"?

Hi Raz,


We are referring to error messages in the browser console. Here is an example screenshot:


No description available.


The error (not relevant to the Aspose connector) is in red.


Try generating a printable with the browser console open. Should any error messages appear, please send them to us.

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