Amount and Primary Amount fields in Order / OrderProduct tables


What is the difference between Amount and Primary Amount fields in the following tables: 

 - Order

 - OrderProduct

There are some other fields with primary counterparts like (Total, TaxAmount) in OrderProduct and InvoiceProduct tables. I have seen the orders section documentation on Academy but only the "Amount" field is documented. Similarly, what is the rationale of having Quantity and BaseQuantity fields in OrderProduct table?

In addition, is there any Use Case where these fields have a different value. Like Amount and Primary Amount fields with a different value.

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Dear Hatim, 

Regarding to the Primary Amount there is no such column in the base configuration, could you please specify the column name?

Regarding to the Base quantity: when editing product you can add units of measure that indicate the number of pieces in singular product transaction (pieces, packages, etc.) When choosing anything besides pieces you specify the amount of pieces (when choosing pieces the correspondence to the Quantity is 1 to 1). See the first screenshot in attachments. After that when you add product on the detail you specify in which units it would be purchase (See the 2nd screenshot). After adding product Base quantity is updated following the equation Quantity * Pieces in unit and Total is calculated as Base quantity * price (See the 3rd screenshot). When the Quantity is updated the Base quantity gets updated and the Total is recalculated.
Here is the example, lets say that I want to ship bottles of water and i want to ship them in packages of 6 bottles. In this case i add unit measure of package in my product and set the number of units in a package to 6. When I add this product on a detail and add packages as unit of measure if i choose to ship 1000 packages the quantity would be 1000, the Base Quantity, however, would be 6000 as I ship 6*1000 bottles in total. The total cost would be calculated based on the Base quantity amount. 

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