Advanced filtering on Relationship entity in group

Dear community,

Is it possible to configure an advanced filtering on "Relationship entity in group" ?


I tried without success.

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Hello Stephane,


Can you please share the way you tried to implement it?




Best regards,

Bogdan S.

Bogdan Spasibov,

I tried to find the relationship group entity here but there is not.

Dear Stefano Bassoli,


Thank you for the clarification.

In this case, we would recommend you creating a new [Lookup] in the [Lookup] section based on the "Relationship entity in group" Object.


After creating this object you would need to set it up.

Navigate to the [View] -> Select filed to display -> [+] button.


In the popped up minipage you would need to specify the Entity group name:


This will ensure that the Entity Group name would show up (In this example I have created two groups named Entity group 1 and Entity group 2)

Please be advised that there is no way of pulling up the [Contact]`s or [Account]`s names as they would be considered as Entities by this Lookup and would have only an ID available in the "List setup":



The Final result should look like this: the Entity Group name and the Record`s Id assigned to that Entity Group


Hope this helps!





Danyil Onoprienko,

Thank you Danyil

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