Adding a clickable schema (Contact) in a Custom Grid



Im trying to add a clickable Contact Name instead of a plain text that navigates to the Contact page. Here what i have so far:



I can retrieve the Guid instead of the name and I can get all the object from the service. But im unable to achieve my purpose.


Any Idea?

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Hello Mohammad,


Could you please re-send the screenshot as it is corrupted and cannot be opened?


Thank you in advance!


Hello Olga,

Here it is:



Im only emphasizing in the picture that the text is being retrieved but not clickable

Are we looking at a Detail?

Thats right.. It is a Custom Detail

Mohammad Yahfoufi,

 Normal behaviour is to double-click the row so that you get the row's Page. From there your Contact will be clickable and in link-mode.

Is that not enough? In my experience, too many links in lists leads to miss-clicks and accidental naviation to the Contact.



But how to make the Contact clickable in the Detail?


How can we make it as a lookup or a reference link?

Mohammad Yahfoufi,


Please use the article by the link below in order to implement the required functionality:


Best regards,


Norton Lingard,

The article describes how to implement a clickable-hyperlink on a regular field.. What I want is doing so in a detail

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