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I'm trying to configure the Attachment that when a user attaches a file it will then be automatically moved in to the Document Section. Is it possible? I'm thinking overriding a method on FileDetailV2 and will be doing an ESQ for the Document but couldn't find any articles when adding a record with an attachment on it. Do you have any recommendations for me or any idea on how should I deal with this? Thank You

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You can create a business process that will be triggered by a record-adding signal and use the [Process file] element to move the file to another section.

[Process file]:…

Hi Nikita,

This is actually very helpful!! I've been able to move those files to the Section I wanted. Much appreciated!

I have another question though, would this process still work on those Emails with attachments? I also wanted to those email w/ attachments to a certain Section. If so, do you know what object I should get it from?

Thank You! :)

Aren Jan Hollero,


Emails attachments storing in ActivityFile table, so you can try to implement your business task. 
But we recommend testing on the dev environment.

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