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I have a question about adding a new role on an intermediate level in my hierarchy.

Is it possible to add a new role, B, between A and C, on a separate level?

I want C to be inherited from B. And B to be inherited from A.


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Unfortunately, for now, there is no possibility to add a new role between A and C. If you want to do it, you need to delete the role C, create B and after that create once more the role C. 

Thank you so much for your idea. We will consider it for our future application releases. Thank you for helping us to improve our product. 

As one of the options, we can offer you the following solution: change the parent unit of the unit by running the following script in the database: update SysAdminUnit set ParentRoleId = ''id of the new parent unit' where id='id of the unit being transferred'. After executing the script, it will be necessary to update the roles.

Hello Mariia Sorochan,


Thank you for your answer. I hope that this feature will be implemented in your future versions :)

I will try your recommendation, to update the parent roles from the database.

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