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We have a simple request to set as a default Account on new created Primary Contact (so this i not Contact detail but LookupPage on PrimaryContact field and button new). I cann't find solution on page wizard so i'm trying to do this in source code but without succes.


Maybe some of You has ready to share example ?


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You can use the Business Process to add this functionality.
You can learn about Business Processes and BP elements here.

Antonii Viazovskyi,



This is not my case. LookupPage (Selection Window) is a common modal schema for each of lookup type field. You have a option on page designer to allow user to add new value then on this page is a New button. 



Now the case is to pass a default param to request crt.CreateRecordRequest but only when user create PrimaryContact from Account. I assume that this could be done only in code because i didn't found solution using business rules.

Marcin Kott,

You can pass the default value of a column or some field from the current record to the detail record, but you cannot pass a static value.
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Unfortunately, the Selection Window has no logic for adding a default value.
We have passed your request on to the development team, and this functionality may appear in future releases.

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