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I have a question regarding the Account Address in the mobile application. I have some account addresses that have only country and GPS coordinates filled. When I open the map, the map is focused on the country and not on the gps coordinates. 
Do you know if this is the default behaviour? Are the GPS coordinates sent to the "map" application?

Thank you,
Cristian Galatan.

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Dear Cristian,


Our system uses the external resource OpenStreetMaps for showing on the map specified addresses. You can check whether the address (or GPS) you specified is on the map at If it needed - you can add the address to this resource so that added address will be displayed correctly in OpenStreetMaps and bpm'online.

Best regards,


Anastasia Polo,


Thank you Anastasia for you answer.

So the account address will be shown correctly on mobile application if the OpenStreetMaps is also installed on that mobile device, right? And also if the GPS coordinates are filled for that address the pin on the map will appear?

Dear Cristian Galatan,

It isn't necessary to keep the OpenStreetMaps application installed all the time. Please check whether the address (or GPS) you specified exists and correctly is displayed on the map at If there is absent such address - add it. The main idea is - if it is correctly displayed on this map, it will be correctly displayed in the BPMonline.

Best wishes,


Anastasia Polo,

Maybe I didn't asked the right questions. I can see the address correctly on the web application. The pin is also displayed correctly.

The problem is with the mobile application. When I want to see the location on the mobile application, the mobile application ask me what map application I want to use to show me that address. I can choose (google map, waze or any other map application I have installed on that mobile device).

It doesn't open a screen (that maybe is using OpenStreetMaps) to show me the address, like it does on the web application. So is the mobile application not working as intended or do I need to configure the mobile application to do that?

Thank you.

Cristian Galatan,

Sorry for the misunderstanding. To investigate this issue we need more specific information so please submit a case to Also, specify please the OS version and name of your instance.

Thank you!


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