Disable Select All button in Modal dialog box

How to disable the Select All button on Modal dialog box?

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Roman Rak,


Thanks Roman but the links are referring to the section objects. I want to disable the Action Item(Select All) in Lookup Config - please find the screenshot added in the current post.


I have tried by overriding the getSelectionControlsConfig and getActionsMenuConfig from LookupPageViewGenerator schema module but it looks like the method is not getting executed.

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Hello Anupama,


Thank you for your reply. 

If to talk about a selection card from a lookup,  the getSelectionControlsConfig method in the LookupPageViewGenerator. The BaseLookupPageV2 scheme is responsible for this page/window. For example, previously the Add button was called: SeparateModeAddRecordButton, the ActionsButton is action button, etc.. You can override and customize the visibility of these buttons as you need.


Here are some examples as well:

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