Two requests

I have two requests regarding the feed's.


We have replaced using Teams and Slack in deference to feed as we want to ensure that all communication regarding cases and opportunities are tracked.  


We know that a new feed communication has come in via the right side pane and the orange notification, but once we open that up, there is no indication of what is new, and what have I already seen.  


If we could (a) have the field bolded until it is read, that would be extremely helpful.  OR, if we could have some way to "mark as processed" the feed, it would be helpful for us but not as efficient as option (a).


Second, it would be awesome if we could have the option to see all conversations, as opposed to having to search to see if there is a reply to my comment in feed. 


We are finding that feed's are "falling through the cracks" within our processes.


Thank you


Dear Mike,


Thank you for your ideas. We will register them in our backlog for implementation in future versions.




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