Sort sections based on multiple columns

I would like to be able to sort sections based on multiple columns.  Sort in the order in which columns are selected.  For example, when sorting by name, one would click on first name header, then last name header to have the list alphabetized by the full name.


Dear Janine,

Thank you for your suggestion! I have forwarded your idea to our R&D. They will evaluate the possibility of implementation in future system releases.

Best regards,


Is there any update on this basic request to sort on more than a single column? This was requested in 2019 (probably earlier) and it is now 2022.

Hello Thomas,


This idea has the status 'Accepted', so the R&D team is planning on fixing this behavior. Unfortunately, there is no ETA we could provide you with. The thing is we constantly receive ideas from our customers/partners, the R&D team considers all of them and step-by-step implements them. This current idea has been qualified as one of a low priority (one of the reasons for this - we have not received many requests regarding implementing this functionality from the system users), so it's still in progress giving way to more requested/important improvements. However, this logic will be implemented in the future. I'm assigning your case to this project in order to increase its priority.


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Any update on this ?

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