Provide the ability to set Web Service Base Address as Parameter or System Setting


Please provide the ability to set the Web Service Base Address as a parameter or, even better, as a System Setting.

Many APIs will have a different base address for each customer system. An example of this is the Jira API where the base address would be This makes it impossible to create a generic integration using Creatio no-code web services since the base address is not editable as the package containing the web services would be locked. The end result is that either (1) you can't use web services for a generic integration package and need to create the integration via code or (2) you must unlock the package to update the base address (which means you need to do this again each time a new package is installed) or (3) you need to copy the web service, which now means you also need to copy the processes using it and setup the web services in the process to use the copy, however, this breaks the ability to get any future updates from new packages.

At minimum, allow the Base Address to be edited for a web service in a locked package without copying the web services - however being able to use a system setting would be great since that is where username & passwords are typically stored for the web service as well.

This seems like a low-effort thing for Creatio to add and would make creating generic integrations for the marketplace much easier.

If anyone knows any hacks to update the base address for web services in a locked package I would love to hear it.

Thank you.


Hello Ryan,


Thank you for your idea and detailed explanation!

We've registered a query for our responsible R&D team to consider implementing the described changes for the web-services functionality in the upcoming releases. 

Thank you once again for helping us to make our Application better!

Best regards,


User can already set base url even when a service is defined in a locked package.

Hello Ryan, also check this out; this may help you solve your problem:

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