Improve the way to know wich data is binded, in particular in EmailTemplate & EmailTemplateLang schemas



Due those schemas usually have the EmailBody binded and this is a large string is very difficult to found the name of the binded templates, this is due Creatio show its names centered in the row where they are.


Suggestion, could export the data binded in those schemas or select which columns to see (not binded ones),


For example see the image



Good Idea!


Although I do have a strong technical background, I would prefer a more user-friendly "no-code-way" of creating data bindings.


I like the flexibility of the existing data binding feature, but it would be awesome for a lot of people to have the functionality to select what they want to bind and the system does the heavy lifting and generates the technically necessary data bindings.


For instance, if the element that should be bound to the package is an email template, then you would just select the template and the system creates the bindings for you. The same applies to workplaces, dashboards, reports (incl. reports table and the word template), lookups (including their manager), etc.

Robert Pordes,


Yes please !

Very well put. For a nocode tool, there still a lot to be implemented. A lot of great new stuff with Freedom UI but still quite some things missing for it to be truely nocode.






Thank you for your suggestion, we have registered this idea for our R&D team and such functionality may appear in future.

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