Improve package installation across environments for on-premise environments

Hi Creatio,

It would be great to be able to link on-premise environments such as to reduce time and improve reliability of transferring packages across environments (dev/test) and even production.

A good example is SAP - a 1-click almost instant operation ;)




Hello Damien,


Currently Creatio offers a similar tool for transfering packages between environments using SVN. You can learn more about this functionality in this Academy article.

We have additionally registered this idea for our R&D team and it may appear in future releases.

Hello Mira,


How could we achieve the same functionalities as the SVN with Git ? Is it possible to ensure this packages transfer procedure between the environments with GIT ? If yes, how could we achieve this ? What are the best practices ?


Many thanks for those hints.


Best regards,


Jonathan Quendoz,


GiT can be used as well, here's a great video with instructions and examples how that can be implemented.

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