Horizontal view for section and detail

Creatio now has a "Forecast" section that can view all records in horizontally. So why don't we have horizontal for all editable sections & details?

Users will be more convenient and spend less time inputting data


Do you like this idea? If yes please like it



Hello! This is a great idea, thank you for suggesting it. I will forward it to our R&D team so they could consider implementing it in future releases. 


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I agree this would be a nice out of the box addition. As a tip, you can do this now by adding some custom CSS. Here's a sample: 


The custom CSS you'd add looks like this (for the example above, the detail is OpportunityDetailV2). Note, for the content to be scrollable, you need to specify some minimum width, otherwise it will resize to fit.

#grid-OpportunityDetailV2DataGridGrid-wrap {
    overflow-x: auto;
#grid-OpportunityDetailV2DataGridGrid-wrap .grid-listed-row {
    min-width: 980px;



Ryan Farley,

 Yes, it allows to horizontal scroll. But I can not add more column in "select fields to display"

How can I add horizontal to this "select fields to display" settings page

Ryan Farley,

Hi! Where should we call that source code? 

Ivan Rares Marian,

This article will outline how to add CSS to a page (which is the same for adding CSS to a detail schema)…


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