Feedback for the maintainers of academy documentation

Hello maintainers of the academy documentation!

It would be great to not move or hide pages in the documentation once they are released. Often I booker a link in the academy docs only to visit it later and get something like this:

This also happens since sometimes the URL for an article changes. This is extremely frustrating since sometimes I will need to revisit a topic and it's no longer there. Additionally, other pages in the academy (and community posts) will still like to this now non-existent article. It is frustrating since it makes me feel like I constantly need to download the articles as PDFs just so I don't lost the information later (if it's hidden or moved) when I need it.

This has been a long time issue in the academy - I currently have several browser tabs open for topics I need to refer to to and if I refresh them it will disappear.

Thank you.


An example of an article that was recently hidden:…


Missing an addon for setting up automatic redirection URLs on their website CMS 😅

Otherwise seriously,  yes, +1 for Ryan's point


We passed your idea to the responsible team.

Thank you for helping us to improve our product.

So much yes. I have a number of articles too that are now deadlinks, that provided really good information and examples.

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