Enable NULL in number columns

Currently, the default value for Integer and Decimal columns is 0 and it is automatically applied if no answer is entered in the field for a record.  There are many instances where it is important to distinguish between no answer and a number answer.  For example, building an inspection questionnaire it's important to know if a measurement was zero or skipped.  Please enable NULL answers in Integer and Decimal columns.


Dear Janine,

I'll inform our R&D team about this issue and suggest them to implement it. Thank you for helping us to make our application better!
As a workaround you can use allowZerovalue: true parameter to allow zero values

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Angela Reyes,

I'm not sure what allowZeroValue does or how to set it.  I'm not trying to prevent someone from entering a zero if that's the appropriate measurement.  I'm trying to enable not entering any number in a number field.  Otherwise, I have to set the field to required, then provide another column, something like a Not Applicable checkbox, to represent when the number field should be interpreted as blank and use a business rule to make the field not required when the checkbox is checked, which is a very cumbersome workaround and adds a lot of unnecessary data to the database.


Did you find out how to do it yet? I have the same problem.



Nuno Gonçalves

Nuno Gonçalves,

The only alternative is to have another field, for example, a Boolean, to indicate that 0 is the desired answer.

This is a desperately needed feature - a null value is entirely different from the number zero and the default behaviour should be to treat no value entered as null.

Hello Harvey, 

Thank you for sharing this with us. 
We have added your comment to the created query for our R&D team so to increase the priority of implementing this functionality in future. 

Kind regards, 

Roman Brown,

Hi Roman, can you expand on the solution using the parameter "allowZerovalue: true" ... It's strange that this isn't a feature yet - do you advise to use a string for integar columns such as "License Number", which should only be a number.

Null value please.  Different between someone setting 0 as a value and no value being set (i.e. null). Need to be able to test for both..

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