Add detail in the selection of a possible macro

It can be really great to have the possibilty to choose one field of one detail as a macro for one email template, currently we have to create a source code for any field for which we want to place in the email template.


Dear Marvyn, 

Can you please provide us with more details on your idea? 

We would like to have a better understanding of functionality you would like to see in Creatio. 

Kind regards,


Roman Brown,

Of course, let's me explain the idea:

When we are creating an email template we have the possibilty to select basic or custom macro in order to personalize the email for each contact, but when we are selecting custom macro we don't have the possibility to select one detail (so one object) which is linked to the contact.

An example just below :


This is a free trial platform, and in this platform we have the contact in which we have some details like : Job Experience



And when we are creating an email template, and choose custom macro we don't see the detail (so the object with which this detail was created) and we don't have the possibilty to choose one field of this detail.



As you can see there aren't any possibilities to choose "Job experience" so this is this idea which i want to put the light on.


Thanks a lot Roman.


Hello Marvyn, 

Thank you for proposing this idea. 

We already have a similar request for extending this functionality in Creatio registered for the responsible R&D team. 

We will add this idea to their backlog so to increase it's priority. 

Kind regards,



Martin Büchler,

Good afternoon,

Unfortunately, the idea is still under development, we do not set a time frame for its implementation and start from their priority.

I raised the priority of the idea by adding your appeal to it, so this feature may appear faster in future versions.

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