2024 up-to-date No code development & debugging training


I am seeing lots of advancements in Creatio nocode but also in the evolution of clio & clio explorer with visual studio code . There are still cases where either some small things need to be developped and Creatio is still a sensitive tool that needs to be debugged also by no code creators.

Anybody else would love to have more up-to-date official e-learning videos, guided learning, corporate training on how to best develop on Creatio using best practices, how to make the best use of clio & clio explorer ?

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Perhaps these links will be useful to you:

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Hi Malika,

Thank you for the links, it's a start. But a more structured & up-to-date advanced training/documentation/recommendation are needed.

The video is a good example, but it relates to Creatio from 3 years ago. Since then Creatio has evolved a lot (with different backend behavior), Clio also and Clio explorer also.

Official structured training/tutorial tracks from Creatio would be more than welcome and necessary, rather than having to dig through academy / community / github in an unstructured way.



P.S. : Advance-Technologies-Foundation: is it Creatio or 3rd party ?

Damien Collot,


Excellent idea indeed!


I have just discussed internally with my colleagues that while a lot of information is available on the academy, the community, and the GitHub readme/documentation of clio, we miss a training that clearly points out how this all works together and was meant to be used.

Ultimately, the software vendor should provide best practices and guidelines!




Damien Collot,

Thank you for providing this great suggestion. We have already forwarded this idea to the responsible team for Clio, for consideration and creation of additional newer Clio training videos and tutorials.


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