Setting up a filter in the mobile application


How to set up a filter in a mobile application so that the data is loaded only by a certain parameter (for example, only Opportunities at a certain stage)?


You must configure the following parameters:

LEADS: Only show leads with the LEAD STAGES: Registration and Qualification.

OPPORTUNITIES: Only show opportunities with the OPPS STAGES: Presentation, Proposal, Negotiation and Pending.

Use the following code (for Leads):

Terrasoft.sdk.Module.addFilter("Lead", Ext.create("Terrasoft.Filter", {
    type: Terrasoft.FilterTypes.Group,
    logicalOperation: Terrasoft.FilterLogicalOperations.Or,
    subfilters: [
            property: "QualifyStatus",
            value: "d790a45d-03ff-4ddb-9dea-8087722c582c"
            property: "QualifyStatus",
            value: "14cfc644-e3ed-497e-8279-ed4319bb8093"

First, we need to create new modules with a filtering code separately for Leads, and separately for Opportunities:

Then, in the configuration, select a workplace (if you have several) to which we will apply the filter, in our case MobileApplicationManifestOn_the_Road

We need to add created modules with filters in those sections that include filters, in this case in Lead and Opportunity in PageExtentions:


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Code helped me. But If I search with other status(other than statuses mentioned in subfilters) in Lead, records do not list. For by On load this subfilters should work. But if I search with other than status , those also should list upon searching.

Is it possible. Please help me

Sriraksha KS,

If I understood you correctly, you want the subfilters, which described above to be displayed when you click on quick filter option on the section.

Unfortunately, there is no way to transfer the on load filters to the quick filters. If using on load filters, the records will be initially filtered and quick filters would be added to them.

In case I have misunderstood your task, please describe it more detailed, a screenshot would be appreciated.



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